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There are multiple reasons you may be looking for an OB/GYN who offers robotic surgery. Perhaps you’re interested in the precision factor. Perhaps you’ve heard about the many benefits of this less-invasive form of gynecologic surgery.

No matter why you’re interested in robotic gynecologic surgery, Living Springs Womens Care of Passaic, NJ, is your trusted robotic surgery OB/GYN. Our OB/GYN, Dr. Diane Mustafa, can perform robotic surgery with steady hands and the precision and finesse of a robot for minimally invasive procedures.

With Dr. Mustafa’s experience and robotic technology, your body can heal better and faster after your gynecologic procedure.

How Does Robotic Surgery Work?

Contrary to what the name may seem to imply, robotic surgery does not mean cutting the surgeon out of the operation and placing your body in the hands of a robot.

A surgeon — in this case Dr. Mustafa — controls the robot from a console with wristed instruments and a 3d camera view of the surgical site. The instruments translate her movements to the robot arm to make machine-precise incisions with Dr. Mustafa’s experience and a greater range of motion than even the most agile human arm can achieve.

Why Try Robotic Surgery?

The incisions these robotic systems can make are not only more precise but also can be smaller than those normally used in traditional laparoscopic gynecologic surgery. These smaller, more precise incisions mean less blood loss — which means a reduced need for transfusions and a decrease in the likelihood of transfusion sickness.

In addition, smaller incisions mean you will experience less scarring, which makes the healing process easier for your body in both the short- and long-term. You will have a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery period, with less postoperative pain and a decreased chance of infection.

To book a consultation with Dr. Mustafa and see if you are a good candidate for this exciting new surgical technique, call 973-200-2794 or reach out at the bottom of the page.



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